The Best Workplace Comedies of the Last Few Years

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Vote up the best and most relatable comedies and sitcoms set in a workplace that premiered their first season on or after January 1, 2019.

What new shows about work and coworkers are out there, making us laugh and cringe at the same time because they are way too relatable? We all know The Office and Veep are some of the best workplace comedies out there, but as the times change so do workplaces and the things we love and hate about them. We’re ranking the best new workplace TV comedies since 2019, thanks to your votes.

The best comedies about work of the past few years include everything from relatable offices to fantastical situations that still somehow hit the mark. The best new office comedies include Mythic Quest and Space Force, both of which share the uniquely modern stresses of going to work, even if their workplaces aren't anything like a regular 9-to-5.

Vote up the best new workplace TV comedies that have premiered recently and see where your favorite recent game shows have ranked. As funny as the newest shows are, if you're just looking for the best current shows about work, there is a list for that.