20 Surprisingly Good Reboots And Remakes From The 2010s  

Terrance W. Pryor
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Whenever fans hear about reboots and remakes, most of the responses can be negative. The best reboots 2010s, however, have surprisingly turned several fans into believers. Many of the individuals behind these retellings understand there's a history with the property. Instead of seeing it as a quick buck, they pay homage to what made the original great while adding their own flair. 

For fans, it's all about grasping what made the original product great while still enjoying its upgrades. Many remakes, including The Departed and The Birdcage, find themselves on the same level as the originals. Fortunately, these best remakes 2010s managed to captivate audiences in the theaters and on television.

It: Chapter One
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Bringing the Stephen King classic It to the big screen was a tall task. Folks who enjoyed the beloved '90s TV adaptation were just as satiated with Andy Muschietti's version though.

As expected, the biggest difference between the film and TV miniseries is the appearance of Pennywise. As envisioned by costume designer Janie Bryant, the title character has an iconically menacing appearance. “The costume definitely incorporates all these otherworldly past lives, if you will,” Bryant told Entertainment Weekly.

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Directed by the Coen Brothers, True Grit was a more faithful adaptation of the novel than the 1969 film. "We were thinking about the novel and really didn’t care that they’d made a movie about it with John Wayne," Joel Cohen told Joe .

While it stayed mostly true to its source, the film did make one interesting departure from Charles Portis's masterpiece. During one scene, Mattie sleeps next to cadavers to avoid giving the border house any money. This scene isn't featured in the novel at all - it's pure Coen.

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The 1973 sci-fi film Westworld made history by becoming the first movie to use digital image processing. Its unique plot of androids working in an amusement park was compelling enough for HBO to remake it for cable.

HBO's adaptation features a deeper focus on the androids' point of view. And unlike the film, HBO's Westworld features a slew of powerful female roles. "People say, ‘You’re so lucky this is so timely,’ and I’m like, ‘No, this is timeless,'" co-creator Lisa Joy told Time.

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Les Miserables has been adapted numerous times since the novel's publication in 1862. In 2012, a film of the beloved 1980 musical version had moviegoers singing while leaving the theaters, and earned Anne Hathaway an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

There are a number of alterations from the stage version: the film features edited versions of some songs and omits Thénardier's musical number "Dog Eats Dog." The film also throws in a new song titled "Suddenly," which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

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