The Best Restaurant Chains for Large Groups

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Chain restaurants that can accommodate parties of 6 or more

List of the best restaurant chains for large groups. When you need to go out for a meal with more people than can fit in one of those vinyl booths, it can be a hassle to find a good place to eat. Often large study groups, family reunions, clusters of friends, and coworkers want to get together at a nice restaurant. The chain restaurants on this list offer accommodations for big groups of people, especially if you’re willing to call in advance.  These restaurants sometimes have special menus for large groups which include catering and inexpensive options.  Not only do these restaurants have high-quality food and ambiance, there’s a guarantee that your group will be waited on with respect.

What are the best restaurants to go to if you have a large group? Often restaurants like steakhouses have a special room that’s designed specifically for big groups of people. The restaurants on this list are great for groups of all kinds, whether it’s a casual group of friends after a hard night of studying or a fancier bunch of colleagues.

The restaurants on this list are ready to serve large group sat any time of the week or year. If you’re having a get together with a huge crowd,these restaurants won’t let you down.

Most divisive: Waffle House
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