The Best Restaurants for Special Occasions

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Restaurant chains (at least 5 franchises) good for memorable fancy dinners

List of the best restaurants to go to for special occasions.It’s not often you get to celebrate a great event in your life. When somebodyin your family has graduated from high school or college, passed a particularlytough test, landed their dream job, gotten engaged, or one of hundreds of otherreasons to enjoy a celebratory meal, you want to find the best restaurantpossible to host your little party. Many of these restaurants can host largeparties, if you’re looking to invite everybody you know. Other restaurants areperfect for an intimate meal with your loved ones where you can sit back with acocktail and delicious food.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to celebrate witha slice of pie and other comfort foods, chain restaurants like Coco’s Bakeryand Marie Callender’s have just what you need. For a more upscale celebration asteakhouse, Italian, or Chinese restaurant is the perfect location. Restaurantslike Hard Rock Café and House of Blues have interesting musical ambiance thatcan make for a fun party.

This list answers the question, “What are the best chainrestaurants for special occasions?” Whether you want a rare, classy meal or arelooking for a laid back time, the restaurants on this list are perfect.

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