The Best Restaurants at LAX

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Restaurants in Los Angeles International Airport.

When you get to the airport in Los Angeles, the first thing you do is look for LAX restaurants. LAX food is actually pretty good, if you know where to go. There's great restaurants at LAX, and food at LAX in general. Whether you are getting ready to jet-set across the Atlantic or travel a few states over for a family reunion, you want to avoid eating gross, pre-packaged airplane food. From sandwiches, to pizza, to salads, to coffee, this list has everything you need to know about eating at Los Angeles International Airport.   

If you're getting breakfast at LAX, why not try La Brea Bakery, known for its freshly baked breads and great coffee. If you're there around lunchtime, California Pizza Kitchen ASAP or Wolfgang Puck Express might be the fastest, tastiest options. If you're planning to grab dinner before hopping on the plane, Umami Burger and Gladstone are a safe bet.  

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  • La Brea Bakery
    123 votes

    La Brea Bakery

    This yummy bakery is known for their signature sourdough bread, and is considered by many a California stable. Located in Terminal 1.
  • Lemonade
    122 votes


    Terminal 5, Departure Level 
  • Umami Burger
    126 votes

    Umami Burger

    The word "umami" comes from the Japanese food idea that all dishes should satisfy each part of your tongue's vast, complicated, tastebud system. These burgers do just that! Located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. 
  • 800 Degree Neopolitan Pizzeria
    96 votes

    800 Degree Neopolitan Pizzeria

    Found in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. 
  • Coffee Bean is an LA classic. They invented the original ice blended drink in 1963. Located at Terminal 5, Departure Level.
  • Delicious, fresh bagels, located at Terminal 6, Departure Level. If you're not sure what to order, check out our list of the best things on Einstein's bagel menu.