The Best Places to Eat When You're Hungover

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Restaurant chains with greasy food that is best after drinking

List of the best restaurant chains for hangovers. When you’re having an amazing, fun night with your best friends, you likely don’t think of the next morning. For every alcoholic beverage you drink, the idea of consequences slip away. Then in the morning you pay heavily for the night of fun with nausea and a pounding headache that refuses to quit. While you can drink tons of water and take pain meds, the truly best cure for a hangover is food. The greatest option for getting rid of a hangover is some good old chain restaurant food.

What are the best restaurant chains for hangovers aka "Sunday morning restaurants"? Restaurants that offer foods heavy in carbohydrates, such as Olive Garden and Red Robin, are great for soaking up the excess alcohol in your system. It’s widely known that greasy food is perfect for curing hangovers, so fast food restaurants often have just what you need. Breakfast restaurants, such as Denny’s and iHOP, often offer foods like eggs and pancakes that help break down toxins that directly cause hangover pains.

Whether you’re looking for healthy hangover cures or something greasy and delicious that will take the pain away, this list has the restaurants that offer essential hangover cures. When you wake up, roll over and go "I'm hungover what should I eat?" this list will be here with all the answers. And if you need help deciding exactly what to order, check out our list of the best hangover foods.

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