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Nobody stays dead in comics. It used to be an expression in comic circles that if something or someone was "as dead as Bucky" then there was no coming back. Then Bucky came back. Many comic book characters have been resurrected, with varying degrees of awesomeness. What are the best resurrections in comics?

It started well before this, but one of the most publicized, shameless, and money grabbing "deaths" in comics that really killed the concept of death, was the death and return of Superman. It sold like gangbusters and then his return(s) sold even more, showing publishers that they can feed fans whatever they want, they'll still buy it. Go ahead up the prices, make it a limited print run, we don't care, KILL EVERYONE, we'll see 'em next year.

With death there is always resurrection (at least in comics) and these are the best, coolest, most badass, awesome resurrections in comics. Vote up the best comic book resurrections below.
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Barry Allen had arguably one of the most noble deaths in all of comics. He ran to his death, shredding his body down to nothing, to save multiple worlds in the multiverse.

When Wally West and Jay Garrick discover Metron's chair during final crisis, they stumble upon the very moment of Barry's death and literally run in and join him to save him.

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Cap died on the steps of the courthouse (awaiting trial for his actions against the Superhero Registration Act) after he was shot in the stomach by a brainwashed Sharon Carter. He bleeds out on the steps right before the entire nation's eyes.

He didn't actually die, he was kept in a stasis/timeloop situation. Usually that would place this directly into the WORST resurrections category, especially with how poorly this was all explained, but during this time Red Skull made Cap relive his darkest moments. Torturing him psychologically for months, which made for a great, and original, Cap story.

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Bucky Barnes

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Bucky was killed in the same explosion that sent Captain America into the deep hibernation that set the stage for his life in the present day.

Bucky was a long time parallel to Cap (in addition to being best friends), wholesome, generous, almost a mentor to Cap himself. This was handled amazingly to reflect that, as their lives were parallel so were their deaths. Bucky was also frozen due to that incident but in a more artificial way.

Russians captured the injured Bucky, kept him in stasis, brainwashed him, and turned him into an agent/assassin for their needs. He then became the antagonist to Cap, had a lot of the same powers and skills as Cap, but used them as a force AGAINST America.

This didn't last and he eventually became himself again, even taking up the mantle of Captain America himself for a time.

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MJ was killed on a doomed flight, due to an intentional plane explosion. She had had a stalker for some time, following her, making threats, etc. She turned down his advances and he retaliated.

Turns out the stalker wanted her all to himself so he faked her death to kidnap her. This death works for many reasons, we assume her death along with the hero's POV we share, and it's fairly logical (and scarily happens in real life). Also Marvel didn't drag it out, this all occurred over the course of one, six issue arc.

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