The Best UFC Fighters Who Walked Away From The Octagon

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The list of retired MMA fighters features some of the all-time great performers in the sport. Many active fighters are hoping to rise in the all-time great rankings, but we already know the entire story of these careers that ended. This is a look at the top names to leave the mixed martial arts world after having strong careers to see just which names stand out the most. 

Top icons like Ronda Rousey, Randy Couture, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have seen the end of their time inside of the octagon. The retired UFC fighters have the best argument, but there are also some relevant names to have international success in other promotions. 

Which of these retired MMA fighters deserves to have the most respected legacy in retirement? Vote up the best fighters and check back to see just which retired MMA stars have the most respect for their careers.

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  • Georges St-Pierre
    396 votes
    • Birthplace: Saint-Isidore, Montérégie, Quebec, Canada

    Record: 26-2
    Weight class: Welterweight
    Fighting style: Kyokushin karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Gaidojutsu, Shidokan
    Belts won: UFC Welterweight Championship, UFC Middleweight Championship

  • Record: 29-0
    Weight class: Lightweight, Welterweight
    Fighting style: Sambo
    Belts won: UFC Lightweight Championship

  • Matt Hughes
    United States of America
    223 votes
    • Birthplace: Hillsboro, Illinois, United States of America

    Record: 45-9
    Weight class: Welterweight
    Fighting style: Wrestling, Boxing
    Belts won: UFC Welterweight Championship

  • Chuck Liddell
    United States of America
    222 votes
    • Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California, USA

    Record: 21-9
    Weight class: Light Heavyweight
    Fighting style: Kickboxing, Kajukenbo, Karate, Wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu
    Belts won: UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

  • Randy Couture
    United States of America
    214 votes
    • Birthplace: Everett, Washington, United States of America

    Record: 19-11
    Weight class: Light Heavyweight
    Fighting style: Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Greco-Roman wrestling, Catch wrestling, Submission wrestling
    Belts won: UFC Heavyweight Championship, UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

  • Michael Bisping
    United Kingdom
    211 votes
    • Birthplace: Nicosia, Cyprus

    Record: 30-9
    Weight class: Middleweight
    Fighting style: Kickboxing
    Belts won: UFC Middleweight Championship