The Best Retro Arcade Games For The PS4

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The PlayStation 4 has its fair share of epic exclusives, but the PS Store also has a surprisingly robust repository of classic arcade games. Everything from Ninja Gaiden and Double Dragon to King Of The Monsters is available to download and play. Perhaps even cooler, new screen-share features and online score rankings really help players kick some retro butt. 

While all the great arcade games of yesteryear are listed below, there are plenty of hidden gems to check out too. SNK epics like Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and King of Fighters '98 are both available, as well as classic arcade games like Frogger and Gradius. With more than 50 classics to choose from, it's a virtual blast from the past with these awesomely retro PS4 games. 

From classic Atari and NES arcade games up to all those awesome (and forgotten) Neo Geo titles, we've listed all the best PS4 arcade games currently available in the PlayStation Store. Vote your favorites up to the top.

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  • In the Hunt
    Apr 01 1993
    13 votes
    • Developer: Irem

    Diving into the depths of aquatic warfare, In the Hunt is an underwater shooter that stands out in the side-scrolling genre with its intense submarine battles. Released by Irem in 1993, this game pushed the limits with its detailed sprite-based artwork providing a unique atmosphere for the players. Compared to its contemporaries, the game offered a greater challenge through its strategic gameplay which demanded precise movements while dodging torpedoes and enemy submarines. If you're a fan of shoot 'em ups and appreciate a well-crafted, challenging experience, In the Hunt will not disappoint.

  • Double Dragon
    Jan 01 1987
    76 votes
    • Developer: Technōs Japan, Arc System Works

    A pioneer in the beat 'em up genre, Double Dragon hit the arcades in 1987 and, with its unforgettable characters Billy and Jimmy Lee, kicked off an era full of side-scrolling brawlers. Known for its iconic 2-player cooperative mode, this game set the stage for the evolution of multiplayer experiences in the industry. With a variety of fighting moves at their disposal, players were tasked with rescuing the kidnapped Marian amidst a dangerous gang-ridden city. Double Dragon remains a classic within its genre, setting the standard for future titles and maintaining its place as a must-play for fans of retro arcade games.

  • Ms. Pac-Man
    Jan 01 1982
    23 votes
    • Developer: Midway Games, General Computer Corp.

    Capturing hearts in 1981, Ms. Pac-Man expanded on the original Pac-Man formula with new mazes, faster-paced gameplay, and the addition of cleverly animated cutscenes. While maintaining the charm and simplicity of the original, our beloved bow-wearing protagonist brought a fresh take on the classic maze-chase experience. New features included smarter ghosts, unpredictable fruit movement, and a more dynamic soundtrack, bringing a higher level of challenge and excitement to arcade-goers. As an essential title in the realm of retro games, Ms. Pac-Man continues to be a fan favorite and a cherished icon in pop culture.

  • Ninja Gaiden
    Jan 01 1988
    43 votes
    • Developer: Tecmo

    In 1988, Tecmo unleashed Ninja Gaiden, an action-packed side-scroller that featured the ninja hero Ryu Hayabusa as he embarked on a quest for vengeance. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, such as wall-jumping and the ability to cling to platforms, set it apart from other action titles of the era. Coupled with its compelling story and cinematic cutscenes, players were immersed in a gripping tale of revenge, mystery, and ancient demonology. Ninja Gaiden undoubtedly stands as a timeless classic, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience that fans of the genre should not miss.

  • Metal Slug 5
    Nov 01 2003
    22 votes
    • Developer: Noise Factory, SNK Playmore

    The beloved run-and-gun series Metal Slug saw its fifth installment in 2003, boasting new characters Nadia and Trevor to join Marco and Eri in their fight against evil. This time around, players faced more diverse environments, enhanced vehicle combat, and engaging boss battles as they fought through hordes of enemies. Unique to Metal Slug 5, the franchise introduced a slide mechanic, allowing for faster-paced gameplay and smoother transitions between attacks. A worthy continuation of the series, this title preserved the charm and challenge that made Metal Slug an arcade staple.

  • Metal Slug X
    29 votes
    • Developer: Nazca Corporation, SNK Playmore

    As a revamped version of Metal Slug 2Metal Slug X made its debut in 1999 with a slew of improvements and additions that enhanced the original's gameplay. Staying true to the well-loved run-and-gun gameplay, players battled their way through redesigned levels with new enemy placements, weapons, and vehicles to keep the experience fresh. Additionally, the game tackled slowdown issues that plagued its predecessor and offered a much smoother, and ultimately more enjoyable, experience. A standout in the series, Metal Slug X is considered one of the best incarnations of this arcade classic.