The Best TV Shows Returning In 2021

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Vote up the returning shows with new episodes in 2021 that you're most exited about.

UPDATED: Check out what shows are returning in 2022!

The returning TV shows 2021 is bringing are a mix of series finales, previously-canceled shows that have been renewed on a new channel, and plenty of long-running Emmy-nominated and fan-favorite shows. Which shows returning in 2021 were you most excited for? Vote up the shows you looked forward to returning from this list of the most popular shows renewed for a new season and start planning your 2021 watchlist.

There were a lot of shakeups in filming and production in 2020, which meant the 2021 TV schedule is still, in some ways, up in the air. Thankfully, many beloved shows have been renewed for 2021, or at least for a new season. No matter what happens you can be reassured that 2021 brung episodes of your favorite shows like American Gods, Riverdale, and The Masked Singer. There are several TV shows that returned in 2021 and aired their final seasons, such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Expanse, and Dead to Me. As a balance, 2021 returning shows also include cancelled shows that were picked up by a new network and given a second chance, like Tuca & Bertie, formerly on Netflix and cancelled after one season before being picked up by Adult Swim.

Vote up the 2021 returning TV shows you were most excited to watch, then check out the most anticipated new shows of 2021 to mix in with your returning favorites.

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