The Best TV Shows Returning In 2022

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Vote up the returning shows with new episodes in 2022 that you're most exited about.

The returning TV shows 2022 brings are a mix of series finales, series we haven’t seen new episodes of in years, previously-canceled shows that have been renewed on a new channel, and plenty of long-running Emmy-nominated and fan-favorite shows. Which shows returning in 2022 are you most excited for? Vote up the renewed shows you look forward to returning from this list of the most popular shows renewed for a new season and start planning your 2022 watchlist.

Renewed shows in 2022 have some delightful surprises, like the return of Law & Order with a new season, fresh versions of nostalgic shows like The Boondocks and Fraggle Rock – and even two TV shows that originally got their start on Kickstarter are coming back for fresh seasons with the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Bee and Puppycat. It’s not just surprise returns in 2022, there are plenty expected series renewed in 2022. Stranger Things, The Crown, Euphoria, Atlanta, and The Marvleous Mrs. Maisel are all gifting the audience with a new season in 2022. Some beloved series are ending, with shows like Ozark, Dead to Me, and Killing Eve airing their final episodes in 2022.

Vote up the 2022 returning TV shows you're most excited to watch, then check out the most anticipated new shows of 2022 to mix in with your returning favorites.

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