The Best R&B Karaoke Songs

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Here are the best R&B karaoke songs, ranked by fans everywhere. From the people who are stone-cold sober to the folks who have had one too many, you want everyone to be able to sing along and enjoy the ride. Even if you are not the best singer, everyone will have a great time as long as you pick something that is instantly recognizable. You can bring things down a notch by selecting one of the fantastic R&B songs on this list. Choose from the most popular R&B karaoke songs, so that you can impress that one special person in the crowd. 

The songs on this list are sung by some of the greatest singers of all time. Don't worry about trying to match their talent. Karaoke is all about having fun and getting everyone else to sing with you. The most important part is that you have a great time while singing. With so many good R&B karaoke songs to choose from, you should not feel at a loss for when you're flipping through the bar's booklet. Remember to vote for your go-to karaoke songs. 

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