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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Richard Jewell'

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Fans of true stories and/or director Clint Eastwood are needed to vote for the best Richard Jewell quotes. The film depicts a fascinating event from over twenty years ago, one that saw an innocent man turned from a hero into a pariah overnight. Although the subject matter is very serious, there are some funny lines scattered throughout to lighten the mood and to emphasize how preposterous the situation was. 

Paul Walter Hauser plays the title character, a security guard assigned to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He spots an abandoned backpack and thinks it might contain an explosive device. Jewell is correct, and many people are evacuated. Some don't get out in time and are injured. Initially, he's hailed as a hero for his efforts, but then FBI agent Tom Shaw (Jon Hamm) comes to suspect that Jewell might have planted the bomb himself in order to look like a hero. He relays this unfounded suspicion to reporter Kathy Scruggs (Olivia Wilde), who runs with the story. Suddenly, Jewell is dragged through the mud by both law enforcement and the media. Sam Rockwell plays Watson Bryant, the attorney helping him clear his name, and Kathy Bates is his supportive mother Bobi.

Vote up the most memorable Richard Jewell quotes from the list below, regardless of which character speaks them. 

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    Clear My Son's Name

    Bobi Jewell: The media has portrayed my son as the person who has committed this crime. They have taken all privacy from us. They have taken all peace. The FBI follows his every move and watches my home constantly. And why? My son is innocent. Mr. President, please clear my son's name.

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    I'm Law Enforcement

    Richard Jewell: I do want to help you all. I’m law enforcement, too.

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    A Frustrated White Man

    Kathy Scruggs: Jewell fits the profile of the lone bomber. A frustrated white man, who is a police want-to-be, who seeks to become a hero.

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    Just Doing My Job

    Watson Bryant: Richard, you’re a national hero now.

    Richard Jewell: Thank you, sir. But I was just doing my job.

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