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The Schwiftiest 'Rick and Morty' Board Games To Play Right Now

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List RulesOh man, oh jeez. Like, vote up your favorite board games that feature Earth's unlikeliest interdimensional duo.

It's about to get schwifty in here as we rank the best Rick and Morty board games in this (or any) dimension. Debuting in 2013, Rick and Morty has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows in Adult Swim history. And though the series only has a few seasons under its belt, it's gifted viewers with an insanely eccentric cast of characters, tons of awesome catchphrases, and incredibly original episodes to boot.

From classic titles like Risk, Clue, and Monopoly to Ricktastic original games like Total Rickall, Close Encounters of the Rick Kind, and Anatomy Park, these are the greatest, most outrageous Rick and Morty board games ever made. Take on the Council of Ricks, save the Smiths from intergalactic alien parasites, test your knowledge of the show, and more.

Vote up your favorite games so superfans can see which games are squanch-worthy.

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    A new take on a classic game, this version of Clue aims to solve who - or what - stole Rick’s portal gun. With a custom-illustrated Rick and Morty game board, sculpted pieces, and more, you can play as the Rick, Morty, Jerry, Summer, Beth, or even Mr. Poopybutthole. Great for two to six players.

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    Poor Ruben...this homeless mall Santa just can’t catch a break. With 13 Rick and Morty anatomy parts (including great names like Pirates of the Pancreas, Colon Log, Bladder Falls, and more) players need to be extra careful when removing all those parts. It works like every other Operation game, only this one's much, much more eccentric.

  • He's Pickle Rick! But he's also a super fun card game. Able to work as both a rockin' display piece and an awesome game, The Pickle Rick game comes with three oversized character cards, 28 building tiles, 10 Russian Guard Standees, and more.

  • Who you gonna call when you have a problem? No, not the Ghostbusters - you call Mr. Meeseeks. This Pandora's box of sorts comes with 24 dice, 30 hit point tokens, and more to make for one heck of a fun game. A new twist on the classic Truth or Dare, it even comes with its own Meeseeks Box with original audio from Rick and Morty's own Justin Roiland.