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The Best 'Rick and Morty' Episodes of All Time

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Are you ready to get schwifty? Rick and Morty season 4 premiered fall of 2019 and returned for the second half in 2020, so we're ranking the best episodes of Rick and Morty that have been released so far, with the help of your votes. If someone asked you what your favorite episode of Rick and Morty is, what would you say? We want you to answer that question by voting up the top Rick and Morty episodes below, and voting down any episodes that you didn't enjoy as much (although every episode is amazing). That's the fun of this list - other sources might have a list of all Rick and Morty episodes, but you probably can't vote for your favorites and watch them climb higher on the poll.

Vote for the best Rick and Morty episodes. Feel free to vote for the darkest Rick and Morty episodes or the funniest Rick and Morty episodes. Wubba lubba dub-dub! 


  • 1
    September 10, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 7

    Atlantis, here we come broh! A nice self contained episode about Atlantis! Rick and Morty head to Atlantis. Meanwhile, the Citadel of Ricks undergoes major changes under new leadership.

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    August 16, 2015

    Season 2, Episode 4

    Meeting new friends; Morty goes ballistic. Trapped inside the house with an ever-increasing number of parasitic alien shape-shifters capable of altering memories, an uncertain Rick and the Smiths search for a way to determine which of them are real.

  • 3

    Season 3, Episode 1

    The family deals with stuff in this one broh. What's Rick gonna do? This is a real episode right here broh. The Smith family tries to cope without Rick, which is painful enough on its own without taking into consideration the stifling rules put into place by the Federation. Meanwhile Rick's past is finally revealed as he attempts to get out of his prison

  • 4
    August 6, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 3

    It's family therapy time in this one broh. Classic stuff. Pickle Rick, too. 

  • 5

    Season 2, Episode 6

    Rick forgets to check his oil, and must repair his car. Rick and Morty travel inside the car's battery, where Morty discovers Rick has created a universe containing sentient life solely to produce power for him. Meanwhile, Summer must deal with being locked in the car with Rick's overzealous security system.

  • 6

    Season 4, Episode 8

    It's a Rick, Morty and a vat of acid kind of adventure. But will it be worth Morty missing his English class for?

  • 7

    Season 1, Episode 10

    Rick has a run in with some old associates, resulting in a fallout with Morty. You got any chips, broh?

  • 8

    Season 1, Episode 5

    Rick provides the family with a solution to their problems, freeing him up to go on an adventure led by Morty. Sounds good, better record this one, broh! And when Morty thinks Rick's adventures are too dangerous, he challenges Rick to let him lead one instead.

  • 9
    August 2, 2015

    Season 2, Episode 2

    Morty tries to save a life. Rick teaches Morty to drive while leaving Jerry at a popular day care made just for him. Morty's conscience has him hunt down an assassin rather than spending the day at an alien arcade.

  • 10
    September 17, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 8

    Morty's memories are restored and we learn the truth in this one, broh. 

  • 11
    October 4, 2015

    Season 2, Episode 10

    Birdperson is getting married and invites the Smith family to the wedding.

  • 12

    Season 1, Episode 4

    Rick and Morty try to get to the bottom of a mystery in this M. Night Shyamalan style twistaroony of an episode.

  • 13

    Season 1, Episode 8

    When Rick hooks up the family's tv receiver with reality-tv shows from alternate dimensions, and allows them to see themselves in different versions of their lives, they begin to wonder what they have, and more importantly - what could have been. Rick hacks the cable box, but the family are distracted by another one of his inventions.

  • 14
    Jan 27 2014

    Season 1, Episode 6

    Rick provides Morty with a love potion to get Jessica. The serum backfires & Rick's attempt to fix things creates Cronenberg inspired monsters. Rick is okay with it but Morty feels partly responsible for creating a living nightmare.

  • 15
    August 27, 2017

    Season 3, Episode 6

    Rick and Morty need a break in this one broh. Times getting tough. 

  • 16

    Season 5, Episode 1

    Big man comin for dinner, broh. Better check the booze. Rick plays host when he has to prepare an important dinner for his ocean-dwelling nemesis. Meanwhile, when Morty is sent to get the wine for the big man, the booze needs to be checked.

  • 17

    Season 4, Episode 1

    Morty goes nuts this time dawg. Rick does stuff. Season 4 premiere broh. Rick brings Morty to a planet containing crystals that show whoever is touching them all the ways they may die depending on their choices.

  • 18
    Dec 09 2013

    Season 1, Episode 2 

    Morty's small, white dog Snuffles gets on the nerves of the family, so Rick quickly builds a knowledge enhancing helmet for the dog. In the meantime, Rick and Morty decide to incept the dreams of Morty's math teacher, Mr. Goldenfold in order to convince him to give Morty A's in math. While the duo are sent on an epic dream world journey, Snuffles slowly gains sentience, which leads to a slew of even more problems. Rick and Morty try to incept Morty's math teacher into giving Morty an 'A'. Meanwhile, Rick gives Jerry a device to train their dog, Snuffles.

  • 19
    August 23, 2015

    Season 2, Episode 5

    Rick and Morty must step up and save things; a new religion starts up. When a massive head descends into Earth's atmosphere, Rick and Morty must save the planet by coming up with a new hit song. Meanwhile, Jerry, Beth, and Summer become part of a new religion.

  • 20

    Season 2, Episode 3

    Rick becomes emotional; Beth and Jerry are hard on each other. Rick gets emotionally invested when meeting an old friend, while Beth and Jerry have a falling out after making a discovery under the garage.

  • 21

    Season l4, Episode 10

    An adventure with an invisibility belt, but a family that disappears together, must stay together.

  • 22
    July 26, 2015

    Season 2, Episode 1

    Rick don goofed this time and mussed up the whole time frame broh! Beth and Jerry get romantic! Rick, Morty, and Summer get into trouble when time is fractured by a feedback loop of uncertainty that split reality into more than one equally possible impossibilities. Meanwhile, Beth and Jerry go to extreme lengths to save a deer struck by their vehicle.

  • 23

    Season 1, Episode 9

    Rick goes to battle with the devil, and Summer gets upset about it, broh. Plus Jerry and Morty hang out, broh!

  • 24
    April 14, 2014

    Season 1, Episode 11

    Beth and Jerry head for an iceberg of a date leaving Rick in charge. Morty doesn't get to go on any more adventures if the house isn't in the same condition when they get back. Beth and Jerry go away on a trip, so Rick decides to throw a party.

  • 25
    November 17, 2019

    Season 4, Episode 2

    As he contemplates retirement, Rick takes a back seat to let Morty live his own adventures. Jerry works on an app with an alien despite Rick's warning not to and Morty's objections. Rick tracks down his own manure mystery.