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The Best Ricky Quotes From 'Trailer Park Boys'

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Some of the funniest lines and running jokes from Trailer Park Boys are Ricky LaFleur quotes. These Rickyisms are ranked from best to worst by fans like you. It doesn't matter if he is getting into some serious trouble or trying to push his merchandise, Ricky always has something funny to say. He has plenty of hilarious one-liners, memorable quotations, and funny misquotes. But which of these are the best Ricky Trailer Park Boys quotes? You get to help decide with your votes.

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    Two Birds

    Ricky: Get two birds stoned at once.

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      A Role Model

      Ricky: I try to be a role model for kids around the park. If some kid wants to grow dope, they can come talk to me, instead of growing dope 6 or 7 times through denial and error, they're going to get it right the first time and have some good dope.

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        Was It Awesome

        Ricky: F*ck, I missed jail this year. Was it awesome?

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          Two Dumb Idiots

          Ricky: Knock knock, boys?

          Cory: What?

          Ricky: Knock knock.

          Cory: Who's there?

          Ricky: Two f*cking dumb idiots that drive a big piece of sh*t from the trailer park that don't know when to come buy f*cking dope. Now get the f*ck out of here!

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