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Every Actor Who's Played (Or Voiced) The Riddler, Ranked

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Riddle us this, riddle us that, who was the greatest villain to ever try to thwart the Bat? Easily one of the most popular DC villains of all time, the Ridder — whose real name is Edward Nigma — has seen his fair share of adaptations over the years, with some versions working slightly better than others. This list ranks every Riddler actor, with the help of your votes.

Introduced in Detective Comics #140 back in 1948, the Riddler is an extremely intelligent (or so he says) supervillain with a penchant for puzzles. Often depicted wearing all green, his top hat and trademark cane are all elements of his signature style.

Some of the greatest comedians have tried their hand at playing the Riddler, including both Jim Carrey and Conan O'Brien. Dave Franco and Robert Englund (from Nightmare on Elm Street) have also lent their voice talents to the silver screen. Vote up all your favorite actors who've played the Riddler, and vote down the ones you weren't too fond of.