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The Best Riddles Posed By The Riddler In Batman Comics

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Batman's many nemeses are each cunning in their own way - it's necessary to be able to get away with their crimes. The Riddler, however, is a different kind of trickster. He gives Batman, Robin, and his other victims a chance to thwart his plans or get out of trouble by offering them a riddle to be solved. Some of the classic Riddler quotes are simple puzzles that are easy to solve, but the best Riddler riddles stump even the smartest of brainiacs.

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    Classic Nesting Egg

    Photo: Batman #30 / DC Comics
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    It's Written In The Riddle

    Photo: Batman #171 / DC Comics
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    The Missing Link

    Photo: Teen Titans #12 / DC Comics
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    Annoyingly Complex

    Photo: Batman #33 / DC Comics
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