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The Best Rider Quotes From Fate/Zero

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"Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. That is the secret of life." This is one of the best Rider quotes from Fate/Zero, because it proves that even though Rider is an accomplished conquerer, he still knows how to enjoy life. Since there are so many memorable quotes from Rider in Fate/Zero, let's rank them with the help of your votes! 

You can always count on Rider to dish out advice like, "Using a simple method to accomplish something impressive far outshines using a complex method to achieve the same thing." You know Rider can lead an army when he says, "Fail to strike the enemy once you know their location, and it'll be too late to even regret having missed the chance." When Rider is dealt a bad hand he reminds us that he regrets nothing: "I shall grieve, and I shall weep. But I shall never regret."

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    What A King Should Be

    "A king without greed is even worse than a figurehead! Saber, you said you would become a martyr for your ideals. In life, you must have been a pure saint. A proud and noble figure, certainly. But who can truly admire the martyr's thorny path? Who dreams of such an ending?

    A king... The king must be greedier than any other. He must laugh louder and rage harder. He must exemplify the extreme of all things, good and evil. That is why his retainers envy and adore him. And why the flames of aspiration, to be as the king is, can burn within his people.

    Proud king of chivalry... The righteousness and ideals you bore may indeed have saved your nation once. However, I'm certain you know what became of those who were saved, but left to themselves.

    You saved them, but you never led them. You never showed them what a king should be. You abandoned your men when they lost their way. Then, alone and untroubled, you followed your own petty little ideals.

    Thus, you are no true king. You are only a little girl, enraptured by a false idol of the king who serves others, but not themselves."

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    What True Conquest Is

    "To win, but not destroy; to conquer, but not humiliate: That is what true conquest is!"

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    The King Is Not Alone

    "A king must live a life more vivid than any other and be figure for all to admire! The king is the one who collects the envy of all his heroes and stands as their guide! Therefore, the king is not alone! For his will equals that of all his followers combined!"

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    Make This World Real

    "Here, my armies once rode across the land. The place all the heroes who stood with me, through joy and sorrow, will never forget. I can make this world real because it still exists within our hearts! Behold my endless armies! Their bodies destroyed, and their souls offered to the world as Heroic Spirits. And still, these legendary heroes pledge their loyalty to me! My bond with them is my greatest treasure, my path of kingship! The ultimate Noble Phantasm that I, Iskandar, possess. Ionian Hetairoi!"

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