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amusement rides The Best Rides at Essel World  

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List of the best rides at Essel World, including photos, types of rides, and more information. This ranked list of the best Essel World attractions includes roller coasters, kids rides, indoor / dark rides, and water rides, as well as parades, live shows, and Essel World tours. The rides on this list have been voted on by amusement park fans and Essel World enthusiasts.

From the newest rides at Essel World to the classics that have been around forever, this is a list of all the most famous attractions at Essel World. Is Happy Sky a better choice for the top of the list than Hoola Loop? Vote accordingly. This list also ranges from Aqua dive to Rio Grande Train, plus much more.

This list answers the question, "What are the best rides at Essel World?" After you are finished with this list, head on over and check out the best Universal Studios Singapore rides.

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Happy Sky Essel World

146 43
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Aqua dive Essel World

77 17
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Hoola Loop Essel World

76 17
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Thunder Essel World

52 20
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Rio Grande Train Essel World

38 10
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Big Apple Essel World

35 10
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Crazy cups Essel World

36 12
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Senior Telecombat Essel World

33 14
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Caterpillar Essel World

34 15
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Humunga & Kowabunga Essel World