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The Best Rising of the Shield Hero Quotes

It's one of the hottest anime right now, so let's rank the best quotes from The Rising of the Shield Hero, with the help of your votes. This fantasy isekai anime focuses on Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku who is summoned to an alternate world after opening a random book at the library.

One of the most memorable quotes from The Rising of the Shield Hero comes from the very first episode, when Naofumi realizes he has been used and betrayed by Malty: "I see. Joining me was just a ruse to destroy me right here. It was all a lie! The smiles she showed me, and her acts of kindness, were all fake!" This incident causes Naofumi to become instantly jaded about living in an alternate universe, where he thought things might be different from his normal life. Another powerful moment from Shield Hero is when Naofumi offers an ultimatum to his new offensive partner Raphtalia while they are training: "Listen well. If you can't fight, then I won't be able to look after you anymore. A wave that threatens the world's existence is coming soon. I have to get as stonrg as I can before it does. But defense is all I'm good for. I need someone to fight for me. If you can't do it, I'll get someone else."

What is your favorite quote from The Rising of the Shield Hero? Vote up your favorites below to ensure they end up at the top of the list!

  • If I Can't Win
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    If I Can't Win

    "If I can't win anyway, I might as well make you as miserable as I can."

    -Naofumi Iwatani

    • None May Disrespect Him In My Presence
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      None May Disrespect Him In My Presence

      Naofumi: They didn't care that we were here?
      *Raphtalia charges the royal knight with her sword*
      Raphalita: Did you do this knowing Naofumi-sama was here?! Depending on your answer, I'll have your head!
      Royal Knight: Draw your swords. Are you with the Shield Hero?
      Raphtalia: I am Naofumi-sama's sword. None may disrespect him in my presence.
      Royal Knight: You think you can point your blade at the royal knights, you damned demi-human?
      Raphtalia: What kind of knight neglects the people he's meant to defend?
      Naofumi: Forget it, Raphtalia.
      Royal Knight: That's right. So long as you behave yourself, we won't  be forced to make any mistakes.
      Naofumi: I guess. I could sit tight and watch you morons become monster feed. That doesn't sound too bad!

      • I Am Your Sword!
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        I Am Your Sword!

        "Naofumi-sama..Well, I just want to say...I'm truly grateful I met you. You cured my illness and fed me warm meals. You taught me how to live. And you gave me a reason to fight...a reason to fight the waves. I am your sword! Where you go, I will go with you."


        • You're The One Who Saved My Life
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          You're The One Who Saved My Life

          "I know you better than anyone else in this world. I know how kind you are. So even if the whole world speaks ill of you, I'll tell them they're wrong. I'll tell them again and again that you're a wonderful person. You're the one who saved my life, gave me a sword, and showed me my purpose in life. I am your sword. I will follow you through fire and brimstone."