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The Best Characters On 'Riverdale', Ranked

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Riverdale is one of the most popular teen dramas on TV. Based on the classic characters from Archie Comics, the series follows lovelorn teen Archie Andrews and is set in the imaginary idealistic town of Riverdale. However, if you look past all the picture-perfect neighborhoods and beautiful homes, you’ll notice things aren't as perfect as they seem.

Which Riverdale character is your favorite? Could it be Archie, the football star who’s best friends with outsider Jughead and straight-A student Betty? Maybe you prefer the darker side of manipulating mastermind Cheryl Blossom and her gang of cronies. With so many awesome characters across so many seasons, it can be hard to pick a favorite. That’s why we’re asking readers to name their top choices. 

Vote up all your favorite Riverdale characters, and if your favorite character is missing, add them to the list. After you've finished voting, make sure to check out these other shows like Riverdale!

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  • Photo: The CW

    Jughead Jones

    In case you haven't noticed, I'm weird. I'm a weirdo. I don't fit in, And I don't want to fit in.

    • Actor: Cole Sprouse
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  • Photo: The CW

    F.P. Jones

    Here’s the thing about snakes. You don’t step on them, they got no reason to bite.

    • Actor: Skeet Ulrich
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  • Photo: The CW

    Fred Andrews

    Whatever you decide, be confident enough in it that you don’t have to lie.

    • Actor: Luke Perry
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  • Photo: The CW

    Cheryl Blossom

     I'm in the mood for chaos.

    • Actor: Madelaine Petsch
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