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The 12 Greatest Robert De Niro Co-Star Performances

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Audiences across the world agree Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen. As fun as it is to watch him dish out a tasty monologue or walk in slow motion to the Rolling Stones, it’s just as captivating to watch De Niro play off an equally spectacular actor. Classic Robert De Niro costars like Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta have appeared in some of the greatest scenes ever, but these are obvious choices. Some of the best Robert De Niro costar performances come from actors you may not associate with De Niro’s filmography. Yes, the best Robert De Niro costars are the actors who know how to let De Niro do his thing without hampering their own pristine talents.

De Niro has appeared alongside some of cinema’s greatest talents. Despite this, there haven’t been many actors who can go toe-to-toe with this God of the silver screen and improve a scene, rather than looking like a kid from a high school play who wandered into the wrong role (Daniel Day-Lewis has this same effect). Whether he’s appearing in a gritty '70s gangster film or a comedy about old people working in an office filled with millennials, De Niro brings something special to the screen, not just through his own work, but by offering co-stars a chance to shine. Vote up the best performances by any of Robert De Niro’s co-stars, and then go get your shine box and vote in our list of Robert De Niro's best movies.