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The Best Robot Girl Manga

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List RulesAny manga series that prominently features a robot girl.

If you like female protagonists but also have a soft spot for artificial intelligence, you need to reading robot girl manga. What are the best robot girl manga that the genre has to offer? There's plenty to choose from, and this list can help guide your search.

Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro is probably the most famous example of a manga about a robot girl. It tells the story of Alita, a female robot who seems to be a piece of junk, but who turns out to have a complex and dangerous history as a mercinary that she must uncover. Another great example of the robot girl genre in manga is Chobits, a project by CLAMP that interrogates whether or not humans and machines can form genuine love connections. Whether you're looking for badass robot fights or a tender love story, there's a fantastic robot girl manga waiting for you. 

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