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The Best Rock Bass Player of the 1970s

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Tune up and crack your fingers because this list compiles the best rock bass players of the '70s, ranked from best to worst by music fans who can tell the difference between a some smooth bass and those fiddly bits. Have you ever wondered, "Who is the absolute best bass player of the 1970s?" Look no further than this list for the definitive answer.

The '70s rock music scene offered no shortage of contenders for the title of best bass player. There are the obvious candidates like Paul McCartney and Bill Wyman, along with less appreciated virtuoso bassists like Dennis Dunaway and Geddy Lee.

Who will emerge on top as the best bassist of the '70s? That's up to you! Vote up the bass players you think were the top bassists to determine the order of this list. And if you notice anyone we missed, go ahead and add them to the list of the best bassists of the 1970s.