The Best Rock Christmas Songs Of All Time

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Only Christmas rock songs.

There are few things as electrifying as the feeling of the holidays, but one of the few contenders is good, high energy rock music. When your hometown is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas," the city blocks are lined with colorful Christmas lights, while many of the homes in your neighborhood might host a spectacular lightshow that would be right at home in an arena rock concert. 

It's fitting, then, that some of the best rock stars throughout history have taken it upon themselves to record good Christmas rock songs. Rock legends from every major sub-genre have put forth holiday tracks that could define any rock Christmas songs playlist, and this list aims to celebrate the best rock Christmas songs. There are great hard rock and classic rock songs from groups like AC/DC, Queen, and Alice Cooper, alongside fast-paced jingles from punk rockers such as The Ramones and Misfits. This list includes alternative rock and metal Christmas songs, as well as Christmas music from old greats, like Chuck Berry and The Beach Boys, and popular bands today, like Weezer and Coldplay. 

Who is responsible for the best Christmas rock song of all time? Which rock Christmas songs go the hardest? 

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