The Best Rock Songs To Sing At Karaoke

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Here are the greatest karaoke rock songs ever, ranked by fans everywhere. Friends, families, and coworkers will venture out to the nearest bar with a karaoke machine to rock the night away. You better be ready to hit those high notes and show everyone why you are a true rocker at heart by selecting the perfect song to sing along to. From classic rock to contemporary hits, there are plenty of rock standards to choose from. When you need some inspiration as you flip through the bar's booklet, you can look through this list of popular rock karaoke songs of all time. 

You can show everyone in attendance you have an appreciation for the elder statesmen of rock by choosing something from Bruce Springsteen or Journey. You could also pick something from the path less traveled. Everyone loves some Foo Fighters, or you can belt out some Linkin Park for everyone to jam out to. If you feel particularly brave, then you can sing along to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and hope for the best. 

There are hundreds of rock karaoka songs to choose from. Even if you are not the best singer in the world, everyone will have fun listening to these hits. Vote for the songs you've made part of your karaoke repertoire. 

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