The Best Rock Pokemon

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Vote for your favorite Rock Pokemon, which doesn't necessarily have to be the strongest.

List of the best Rock type Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon fans like you. This greatest Rock Pokemon list considers monsters from every generation, so you can vote on everything from Onix to Gigalith. Rock types can be risky defensively, as they're weak to ground and fighting types. However offensively they have advantages, since only 3 of 18 Pokemon types are resistant to Rock. Not all the Pokemon on this list are pure Rock type, as some are half and others are secondary Rock types like Rhydon.

If you're wondering "Who is the best Rock type Pokemon?" or "What are the strongest Rock Pokemon?" then you're in the right place. Other places may have discussions about who their favorite Rock Pokemon are, but this is the only page where you can actually vote and make your voice be heard.  
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