The Best Rock Songs Of 2018

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UPDATED: Check out the best new rock songs of 2019!

What are the top rock songs of 2018? Metalheads should check out the best heavy metal songs of 2018. Each year, with the emergence of new rock music, unique styles and sounds by a variety of artists hit the airwaves. What 2018 rock songs did you like best? Keep in mind, the best rocks songs of the year don't necessarily have to be the tunes that soared to the top of the rock charts. Popular rock songs can be great, but lesser-known artists can also produce some of the best rock songs of a given year. 

Featuring Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and more, the greatest rock bands of all time are still producing new rock songs in 2018. From heavy metal to punk rock, this list of 2018 rock songs has it all. 

Which recent rock songs do you like best? Browse this list of the newest rock songs and vote up your favorites. Feel free to add anything that you feel is missing. 

Most divisive: Flower Power
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  • Zombie


    177 votes
  • The Mountain

    The Mountain

    342 votes
  • Red Cold River

    Red Cold River

    334 votes
  • No Erasin'

    No Erasin'

    204 votes
  • Torn In Two

    Torn In Two

    152 votes
  • Safari Song

    Safari Song

    493 votes