Bands/Musicians Rock's Greatest Vocalists, Ranked From Best To Worst  

Mick Jacobs

Choosing the greatest rock vocalists of all time warrants more than just a little scrutiny. After all, rock and roll literally shaped pop culture and the rest of pop music as you know it.

Music critics Ryan Downey and Babs of Popcurse delve into this hotly contested subject, using both their own knowledge and personal preferences to determine if Ranker’s list of the top rock vocalists is up to snuff.

But what do you think? Yeah, you. Do you think Paul McCartney and John Lennon both deserve a spot in the top five? Should Elton John be on this list at all? 

Does swagger have anything to do with it? Natural talent or vocal skill honed over years or decades? What even makes a great rock vocalist? Where are the women? The video below gets to the heart of these questions.