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The Best Quotes to Remember from 'Rocketman'

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This is your opportunity to vote for the best Rocketman quotes. The film has some funny one-liners, as well as memorable dramatic exchanges that deepen our knowledge of the characters. There's lots of great music, too.

The movie is a biopic about Elton John, a true music legend if ever there was one. Taron Egerton plays the singer, and Jamie Bell is John's longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin. Directed by Dexter Fletcher, Rocketman tells John's story, from his unhappy childhood with an unloving father and a stern mother (Bryce Dallas Howard) to his rise to worldwide fame. Most of the notable events from his life are accounted for, including his battle with addiction, his abusive relationship with manager John Reid, and his brief marriage to Renate Blauel. John's fondness for wearing outrageous costumes onstage is also given ample screen time.

Reviews for Rocketman are exemplary. It has a Rotten Tomatoes score in the 90s, with Egerton's performance repeatedly singled out for praise. The movie's imaginative musical numbers are another factor helping it win rave reviews. The critical consensus is that it's a first-class depiction of Elton John's life and career - one made with significant style, full of memorable and quotable lines. 

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    The Person You Want To Be

    Wilson: You gotta kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be. 

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    They Pay To See Elton John!

    Bernie Taupin: Don't you want to just sing without this ridiculous paraphernalia?

    Elton John: People don't pay to see Reg Dwight! They pay to see ELTON JOHN!

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    Always Will

    Elton John: I never thanked you, Bernie.

    Bernie Taupin: No. I love you, man. Always have, always will.

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    I'm Gay

    Twelve-Step Group Leader: Did being married make you happy?

    Elton John: Of course not. I'm gay. 

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