The Best Roger Smith Quotes From 'American Dad!'

The best Roger Smith quotes really show why he is one of the most popular characters in American Dad. In the early seasons of the show, Roger didn't even have any of his signature disguises or personas. The alien crashed into Roswell, New Mexico in the '60s and had a fateful encounter with Stan, the head of the Smith household and CIA agent.

Roger's known to be the classic agent of chaos, and as his personas developed along with the show. While Roger himself is always hilarious, his characters, like therapist Dr. Penguin or wedding planner extraordinaire Jeannie Gold, have the best quotes. The fey, pansexual, alcoholic alien is constantly getting into trouble, and the results are always comedic gold. 

Every Roger Smith quote is a gut busting one, and there are quite a few. Vote up your favorite Roger Smith quotes below.