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The Superheroes With the Best Rogues Galleries

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A hero can definitely be defined by the villains they bring to justice. Some of their villains even steal the spotlight at the end of the day. You really can't have Batman without the Joker, Wolverine without Sabretooth, or Superman without Lex Luthor. The collection of villains each superhero has is unique and drives the superhero each day to put on their costume and go out and fight crime. But which superhero has the best rogues gallery?

We bring you some of today's best superheroes and their top 10 villains, ranked by the fans. Vote up which superheroes and superhero teams have the best rogues gallery. If you disagree with their top 10 baddies, make sure to follow the provided links to vote up your favorite villains. 

  • 1. Joker
    2. Riddler
    3. Ra's al Ghul
    4. Mister Freeze
    5. Bane
    6. Catwoman
    7. Scarecrow
    8. Two-Face
    9. Harley Quinn
    10. Penguin

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  • 1. Green Goblin
    2. Carnage
    3. Dr. Octopus
    4. Electro
    5. Sandman
    6. Kraven the Hunter
    7. Venom
    8. The Lizard
    9. Mysterio
    10. Kingpin

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  • 1. Magneto
    2. Apocalypse
    3. Dark Phoenix
    4. Mister Sinister
    5. Sentinels
    6. Mystique
    7. Juggernaut
    8. Sabretooth
    9. Onslaught
    10. Sebastian Shaw

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  • 4

    Justice League

    1. Darkseid
    2. Brainiac
    3. Lex Luthor
    4. Doomsday
    5. Crime Syndicate of America
    6. The Joker
    7. Ra's al Ghul
    8. White Martians
    9. Vandal Savage
    10. Solomon Grundy

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