The Best Romantic Comedies of 2013

List of the best romantic comedies of 2013, as ranked by movie enthusiasts and film critics. Romantic comedy is one of the most popular movie genres of all time because of the relatable qualities of the characters and the fantasy aspect of a perfect romance. Many people like to watch their favorite romantic comedies over and over because there are so many positive emotions connected to watching a first kiss and seeing two fun characters fall in love. In 2013, there were many romantic comedies that will likely find themselves on “best of” lists for years to come.  

The romantic comedies on this list are appropriate for people of all different tastes and of varied ages. While younger audiences might enjoy Admission, romantic comedies like Don Jon are more suited for older viewers. For those who love classic romances like Pride and Prejudice,Austenland is sure to be a treat. Meanwhile people who like horror or time travel will likely enjoy Warm Bodies and About Time.

What are the best romantic comedies of 2013? This list features some of the more relatable actors, from Rachel McAdams to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in movies that are both hilarious and heartwarming.

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