The Greatest Romantic Comedies Of All Time

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Romantic comedy is one of the oldest and most famous and popular film genres of all time. The term "romantic comedy" can refer to pretty much any funny love story, but more specifically, it applies to movies that are light-heartened and fun to watch, and that reinforce the theme of true love conquering all. Very often, good romantic comedy plots are driven by couples meeting and falling for one another, only to be forced apart by circumstance, and needing to find their way back to one another.

Almost every romantic comedy film ends with the main characters happily in love, or at least implies that, even if the primary relationship didn't work out, it has taught the lovers enough to be able to go out and find love elsewhere.

What are the top romcoms of all time? Romantic comedy is also among the most diverse and malleable genres, and has been melded and mashed-up with just about every other type of movie. The classic films of Judd Apatow, for example, combine romantic comedy elements with character types borrowed from "dude" comedies and stoner comedies. Romantic comedies with science-fiction or fantasy elements are also popular, such as the superhero parody My Super Ex-Girlfriend, the time travel romance Kate and Leopold or the Mel Gibson vehicle What Women Want.

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