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Searching Hulu for the most promising romantic comedy?  Look no further. This is a list of romantic comedies on Hulu and Hulu Plus, as ranked by swoony film lovers like you. With this list, your votes determine the best romantic comedies streaming on Hulu.

Which familiar movies will you find on this Hulu romantic comedies list? There are classics like Sabrina, arguably Audrey Hepburn's most iconic performance. There are also more contemporary romantic comedy movies on Hulu, like Runaway Bride and Love Actually.

Check out the full list to find the movie your heart is beating for, and vote up your favorite rom coms. Vote down the films that don't cut it as romances or comedies. If you've seen them all, then rerank to create you own version of the best Hulu romantic comedies.

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Runaway Bride Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Christopher Meloni Runaway Bride is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall, and stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.The screenplay was written by Josann McGibbon, Sara Parriott and Audrey ...more

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Penelope Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Russell Brand Penelope is a 2006 fantasy romantic comedy film directed by Mark Palansky which was first released in 2006 and stars Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Catherine O'Hara, Peter Dinklage, Richard E. ...more

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Sabrina Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, William Holden Sabrina is a 1954 American romantic comedy film directed by Billy Wilder, adapted for the screen by Wilder, Samuel A. Taylor, and Ernest Lehman from Taylor's play Sabrina Fair. It stars Humphrey ...more

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Love Actually Keira Knightley, Elisha Cuthbert, Liam Neeson Love Actually is a 2003 British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis. The screenplay delves into different aspects of love as shown through ten separate ...more

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From Prada to Nada Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega, April Bowlby Watch for Free with Amazon Prime Free Trial From Prada to Nada is a 2011 comedy film written by Fina Torres, Luis Alfaro, Craig Fernandez and directed by Angel Gracia.

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Clueless Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd Clueless is a 1995 American comedy film loosely based on Jane Austen's 1815 novel Emma. It stars Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd, and Brittany Murphy. The film is set in Beverly Hills ...more

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13 Going on 30 Jennifer Garner, Ashley Benson, Mark Ruffalo 13 Going on 30 is a 2004 American romantic comedy fantasy film written by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa, and directed by Gary Winick. Starring Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer, Andy ...more

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Not Another Happy Ending Karen Gillan, Freya Mavor, Henry Ian Cusick Not Another Happy Ending is a 2013 Scottish romantic comedy film directed by John McKay and stars Karen Gillan, Stanley Weber, and Freya Mavor. Produced by Claire Mundell and Wendy Griffin, and ...more

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Love at the Christmas Table Danica McKellar, Dustin Milligan, Lea Thompson

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16-Love Lindsey Shaw, Ivan Quijano
When Ally Mash, the number one junior tennis player in the country, twists her ankle and is out of the game, she discovers that there is much more out there for her than just tennis. Starring ...more

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The Switch Jennifer Aniston, Jeff Goldblum, Juliette Lewis The Switch is a 2010 American romantic comedy film, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck. Based on a screenplay written by Allan Loeb, the film, formerly titled The Baster, was inspired by the ...more

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Pretty in Pink James Spader, Gina Gershon, Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink is a 1986 American romantic comedy-drama film about love and social cliques in 1980s American high schools. It is one of John Hughes' films starring Molly Ringwald, and is ...more

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Finding Joy Barry Bostwick, Liane Balaban, Josh Cooke
A self-absorbed writer, stuck in more ways than one, rediscovers himself and what it means to be happy when he meets Joy, a spirited young woman who asks him to write her obituary. Stars Josh ...more

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Love Overboard Rhona Bennett, Vianessa Castaños, Zacardi Cortez

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All of Me Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Madolyn Smith All of Me is a 1984 fantasy comedy film directed by Carl Reiner and starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. This film is based on the novel Me Two by Edwin Davis.

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Sleeping with Other People Alison Brie, Jason Sudeikis, Jordan Carlos

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The Perfect Match

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Hello, My Name Is Doris Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Beth Behrs Hello, My Name Is Doris is a 2016 US romantic comedy-drama film directed by Michael Showalter. A woman (Sally Field) in her 60s tries to act on her attraction to a younger co-worker (Max

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Love, Wedding, Marriage Julia Roberts, Mandy Moore, Alyson Hannigan Love, Wedding, Marriage is a 2011 American romantic comedy film directed by Dermot Mulroney and starring Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz, James Brolin, Jane Seymour and Christopher Lloyd.

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The Cutting Edge Terry O'Quinn, Moira Kelly, D. B. Sweeney The Cutting Edge is a 1992 romantic comedy film directed by Paul Michael Glaser and written by Tony Gilroy. The plot is about a very rich, spoiled figure skater who is paired with a has-been ice ...more

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McLintock! John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Stefanie Powers
McLintock! is a 1963 comedy Western directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and starring John Wayne, with co-stars including Maureen O'Hara, Yvonne De Carlo, and Wayne's son Patrick Wayne. The film, ...more

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Chocolat Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Alfred Molina Chocolat is a 2000 American-British romantic drama film based on the novel of the same name by Joanne Harris, and was directed by Lasse Hallström. Adapted by screenwriter Robert Nelson ...more

Best Comedy Movies Streaming on Hulu

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My Best Friend's Girl Kate Hudson, Alec Baldwin, Lizzy Caplan My Best Friend's Girl is a 2008 romantic comedy film by Howard Deutch and stars Dane Cook, Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, Diora Baird, Alec Baldwin, and Lizzy Caplan. It was released on September 19,

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Up in the Air George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, Zach Galifianakis Up in the Air is a 2009 American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and co-written by Reitman and Sheldon Turner. It is a film adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same name, written by ...more

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America's Sweethearts Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Roberts America's Sweethearts is a 2001 romantic comedy film directed by Joe Roth and written by Billy Crystal and Peter Tolan. It stars Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, John Cusack and Catherine ...more

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I Love You Phillip Morris Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann I Love You Phillip Morris is a 2009 comedy film based on the 1980s and '90s real-life story of con artist, impostor, and multiple prison escapee Steven Jay Russell, as played by Jim Carrey. ...more

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a 1985 American romantic comedy dance film directed by Alan Metter and starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. For many years, Comedy Central, Lifetime, USA ...more

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Forces of Nature Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Blythe Danner Forces of Nature is a 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Bronwen Hughes. A soon-to-be-married man (Ben Affleck) encounters an exciting stranger (Sandra Bullock) after his plane ...more

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Save the Date Alison Brie, Lizzy Caplan, Melonie Diaz Save the Date is a 2012 romantic comedy film written by Michael Mohan, Jeffrey Brown and Egan Reich and directed by Michael Mohan.

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Don Jon Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt Don Jon is a 2013 American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Produced by Ram Bergman and Nicolas Chartier, the film stars Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett ...more

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Nowhere Girl Josh Robert Thompson, Jennifer Aspen, Ilana Guralnik

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The Ex Amy Adams, Amy Poehler, Amanda Peet The Ex is a 2006 comedy film directed by Jesse Peretz and starring Zach Braff, Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman. The film had a wide release planned for January 19, 2007, and then March 9, 2007. It ...more

Best Teen Movies Streaming on Hulu

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Charlie Bartlett Robert Downey Jr., Kat Dennings, Drake
Charlie Bartlett is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Jon Poll. The screenplay by Gustin Nash focuses on a teenager who begins to dispense therapeutic advice and prescription drugs ...more

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Good Luck Chuck Jessica Alba, Dane Cook, Sasha Pieterse Good Luck Chuck is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. In the film, women find their "one true love" after having sex with a dentist named Chuck. Chuck ...more

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Slightly Single in L.A. Lacey Chabert, Jenna Dewan, Haylie Duff Slightly Single in L.A. is an American romantic comedy film, written and directed by Christie Will and starring Lacey Chabert, Kip Pardue, Haylie Duff, Carly Schroeder, Jenna Dewan, and Jonathan ...more

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Top Five Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union Top Five is a 2014 American comedy film written and directed by Chris Rock. The film, which stars Rock, Rosario Dawson, and Gabrielle Union, was screened in the Special Presentations section of ...more

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Holiday Engagement Haylie Duff, Shelley Long, Bonnie Somerville Holiday Engagement is a 2011 film starring Bonnie Somerville, Shelley Long and Jordan Bridges. It premiered on Hallmark Channel on November 28, 2011.

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The Love Guru Jessica Alba, Kanye West, Jessica Simpson The Love Guru is a 2008 romantic comedy film directed by Marco Schnabel in his directorial debut, written and produced by Mike Myers, and starring Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, ...more

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Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler, Rob Schneider Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo is a 1999 sex comedy film starring Rob Schneider, William Forsythe, Eddie Griffin, Oded Fehr and Arija Bareikis. The film follows a hapless fishtank cleaner who goes ...more

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The Young Girls of Rochefort Catherine Deneuve, Gene Kelly, Michel Piccoli The Young Girls of Rochefort is a 1967 French musical film written and directed by Jacques Demy, starring Catherine Deneuve, her sister Françoise Dorléac, Jacques Perrin, Michel ...more

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Zapped Zendaya, Aleks Paunovic, Spencer Boldman
Zapped is a Disney Channel Original Movie based on the tween fiction novel Boys Are Dogs. The movie began production in early August 2013. It will premiere in 2014. Zendaya portrays the lead ...more

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Sex Ed "Created as an empowerment tool by LYRIC’s Work It! Queer Youth Action Project, this video serves as a model of how queer sex issues can be covered in high school sex education ...more

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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Antonio Banderas, Victoria Abril, Rossy de Palma Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! is a 1990 Spanish dark romantic comedy film written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar, and starring Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril. The plot follows a recently ...more

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Baby on Board Heather Graham, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jerry O'Connell Baby on Board is a 2009 comedy film starring Heather Graham, John Corbett, Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Starke and Lara Flynn Boyle.

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Ana Maria Is Novela Land

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My Santa Samaire Armstrong, Matthew Lawrence, Julie Brown

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Shanghai Calling Bill Paxton, Eliza Coupe, Daniel Henney
Shanghai Calling is a 2012 comedy drama romance film written and directed by daniel Hsia.