The Best Ron Swanson Episodes Of 'Parks And Recreation'

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The quintessential Ron Swanson episode of Parks and Recreation should feature at least one of the following: copious amounts of meat, stoicism, unbridled joy for a passion, and Duke Silver. Right off the bat, some of the best Ron Swanson episodes of Parks and Recreation are "The Fight," "Ron and Tammy," and "Eagleton."

"The Fight" Parks and Rec episode is a double whammy, because it showcases not only Ron’s simplistic and steadfast nature (Morton’s salt is one of the only products he endorses), but also his hilarious, giddy side. After "The Fight" first aired, there were websites literally dedicated just to showing drunk Ron dancing on a loop. Of course, "Go Big or Go Home" brought us the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness, and the value of that cannot be undersold. 

The best part about Ron Swanson, however, is the soft and caring side, typically hidden by his strong and steadfast demeanor. Ron and Leslie have always had a tender, caring relationship. That’s what makes the aptly titled "Ron and Leslie" episode so special. Of course, no Ron Swanson episode list would be complete without Ron and Tammy. Whether you’re talking about Tammy 1, Tammy 2, or his own mother, Tammys certainly play an important part in Ron Swanson’s life. Read on below and be sure to vote up the your favorite episodes of Parks and Recreation that showcase Ron Swanson.