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The Best Roronoa Zoro Quotes

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He's one of the hardest working anime characters who is never satisfied with his strength, so let's rank the greatest Roronoa Zoro quotes of all time. This swordsman is Luffy's right-hand man in One Piece, and fights with a unique three-sword style that is something not seen in any other anime.

The most epic Roronoa Zoro quotes are often about persevering and never giving up. Who can forget when he said, "If I die here, then I'm a man that could only make it this far." Zoro has a lot of demons in his past, which is reflected in the lines that he speaks throughout the series.

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    Protect My Captain's Dream

    "If I can't even protect my captain's dream, then whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk..."

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      If I Die Here

      "If I die here, then I'm a man that could only make it this far."

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        You've Underestimated Me

        "You've underestimated me, snow woman. When you thought you couldn't beat me, you should have run. Of course, there are things that I don't wanna cut. But... let me ask you something. Have you ever seen a fierce animal you were sure would never bite? Because I haven't."

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          Even One Step Back

          "I don't know. I'm not sure why myself. But if I were to take even one step back, I believe that all those important oaths, promises and many other deals 'til now, will all go to waste and I'll never be able to return before you, ever again."

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