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Which Royal Residence Would You Most Want To Live In?

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What's a queen or king without a proper castle? While owning a real castle in contemporary society might seem a bit outlandish, the best royal palaces are basically just modern-day castles. The massive complexity of royal homes shows off the might of the British nobility, as the residences come complete with cascading countrysides, epically scenic views, multiple stories of apartments and offices, and sometimes even turrets.

But which aristocratic abode is really the best royal residence to live in? When the royal family's regal cottages, manors, estates, and palaces are sized up for what they're really worth, the true majesty of their lifestyles comes to light.

  • The Location: Balmoral Castle is a secluded holiday home, nestled deep within Scotland's Cairngorms National Park. Some of the very few things around the castle are the Balmoral Cafe, where one can relax and dine in royal style, and the rushing waters of the River Dee.

     The Size: Although tucked away in the forests, the hidden home is a massive one. The estate claims a grand total of 50,000 acres of land and contains 150 buildings.

    Amenities: The deep seclusion one will experience while wrapped within the walls of the Balmoral Castle is like no other. Relax and become one with nature while touring the deep, luscious forests of Cairngorms National Park, and be sure to stop and have a chat with one of the famous red squirrels that live here.

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    Ivy Cottage

    The Location: For a member of the historical, royal abode collection, Ivy Cottage is basically brand new. Revamped over the past few years, Ivy Cottage can be found gracing the grounds of Kensington Palace in the heart of London. To the east lies Hyde Park, a beautiful green grove of flowers and gardens, to the west, one can take to the town and enjoy places to shop, wine, and dine.

    The Size: Ivy Cottage is an apartment of Kensington Palace, and contains a humble three bedrooms

    Amenities: The cottage was once home to the head of Kensington Palace's property department. After his retirement, Princess Eugenie moved into the cottage with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, in 2018. The home shares the beautifully tended gardens of Kensington Palace, situating the house in a beautiful spot for both scenic strolls and visiting royal friends and family members.

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    Bagshot Park

    The Location: If you're looking to enjoy the fresh air and green grass that the Bagshot stable grounds provide, Bagshot Park can't be beat. If you're searching for some local fun, try exploring the town for a bit of sport. Outside of the park lies the Bagshot Cricket Club, as well as the Windlesham Golf Club.

    The Size: The property sits on a rolling 51 acres of land. Within the house, its rooms and offices are clad with high ceilings and hand-carved dark wood fixtures

    Amenities: Bagshot Park is a countryside estate that beckons one to kick back and relax. Bagshot Park is no stranger to wildlife and the beauty of nature, with the house even resembling the dark, wooden landscapes of which it is surrounded.

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    Frogmore Estate

    The Location: The house and gardens of Frogmore Estate are an entryway to the masses of cottages and lands that comprise the rest of the royal grounds. The grounds themselves are a sea of green, covered in wildlife like swans and squirrels and, of course, frogs.

    The Size: The vast stretches of Frogmore Estate encompass a large chunk of Berkshire. The estates include the main Frogmore Estate, which looms for multiple stories and contains a large number of rooms and offices, as well as the quaint and charming Frogmore Cottage. All the grounds in between are included in the abode.

    Amenities: On the grounds, one can enjoy the waters of Frogmore Lake and take a tour of the Duchess of Kent Mausoleum. If you feel like having an adventure off of the gardens, just take Queen Victoria's walk, which will lead all the way to the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

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