The Best Rugrats Episodes of All Time

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List of the best Rugrats episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Rugrats episodes of all time are. Fans of Rugrats are extremely passionate about the show, and there is often debate over which episodes are better than others. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is.

Episodes include everything from "Chuckie's New Shirt" to "Visitors From Outer Space." What is the best Rugrats episode of all time? Look below and find out which episodes from every season feature a birthday party, that little dude, Angelica, or mirrorland. 
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  • Reptar on Ice/Family Feud

    Reptar on Ice/Family Feud

    Season 8 Episode 3: The rugrats find a little lizard and immediately assume that it must be the baby of Reptar, the dinosaur character they so adore. The Pickles and the DeVilles stop talking after a game of charades and the rugrats set out to reunite the two families.
  • Special: The Rugrats find presents for their mother, but ended up trying to find Chuckie a mother, as he didn't have one. The answers for this mystery are in a special box, which Chazz doesn't want ...more
  • Vacation
    Special: In this episode, the Pickles, Finsters & DeVilles journey to the notorious gaming capitol of the world, Las Vegas (the babies call it ""Slots Vegas""). At a Viking-Circus-Arctic oriented ...more
  • Stu and Drew decide to play golf on an impossible course to win. Angelica says that if they win they get ice cream, so in the end the rugrats help them win and they get ice cream after all.
  • Tommy tells the babies that he's going to get his booster shot, but when Chuckie warns Tommy what it is he becomes scared and tries to avoid from getting it.
  • Charlotte and Drew go on a power rafting trip. Angelica has to stay with Uncle Stu and Aunt Didi. She gets mad for not giving her attiention, so she fakes breaking a leg. It drives Stu and Didi nuts, ...more
  • The adults are trying to catch a skunk and Tommy and Chuckie join the hunt and Chuckie ends up being skunked. The babies and grown ups try everything to get rid of the smell, but the real cure is ...more
  • Rugrats Mother's Day

    Rugrats Mother's Day

    Season 19 Episode 10: When Angelica builds a macaroni bust of herself as a Mother's Day gift for her mom, Tommy, Phil, and Lil search for presents for their own mothers.
  • This is the original series finale of Rugrats. Special: After arguing with Minka over his spotted glasses, Boris runs away. Later, after feeling bad, he decides to get Minka's glasses, only to be ...more
  • Angelica uses her mother's vanishing cream (thinking it can make people ""invisible"") on herself and Tommy and Chuckie, but she wants to be noticed later on.
  • Grandpa tells the kids that there was a moose once living in the backyard and he saw it. The babies, not knowing that it wasn't a moose, go exploring in the jungle of their backyard that has stuff ...more
  • When Chuckie accidently gives Angelica his father's Latvian Polka Dances CD (using it as a toy), Chuckie, who wishes he weren't born, has a chance to see what would be of the world if it weren't for ...more
  • Angelica Orders Out/Let it Snow

    Angelica Orders Out/Let it Snow

    Season 12 Episode 9: Posing as her mother, Angelica racks up a gigantic bill at Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery Deli. / After the Pickles decorate their house for their annual Christmas card photo(in August), the babies get confused and think it's actually Christmas.
  • The Santa Experience

    The Santa Experience

    Season 4 Episode 2: The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of "the perfect Christmas". Things get a little crazy when Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa and Chuckie's dad dresses up as Santa and tries to squeeze his way down the chimney.
  • The Big Flush The Pickles & De Villes go to an indoor swimming pool, and the babies, convinced that it's a giant toilet, try to flush it by jumping on the diving board; and Stu must face his fear ...more
  • The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles

    The Last Babysitter/Sour Pickles

    Season 3 Episode 8: When Susie's teenage sister Alisa baby-sits Susie and Tommy for the first time, Tommy and Susie suspect there are monsters loose in the house. / Grandpa tells Angelica and Tommy about Stu and Drew's babyhood.
  • In this episode we meet Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Grandpa, and the rest of the gang for the first time at Tommy's birthday party. After Stu gives tommy a flying saucer for his birthday the ...more
  • New neighbors the Carmichael's come to town and the Pickles help them get settled in. There Tommy meets all the kids: Alisa, Buster, Edwin, and Susie Carmichael. Susie tells Tommy all about her great ...more
  • At the Movies/Slumber Party

    At the Movies/Slumber Party

    Season 3 Episode 2: The babies go to the movies./Tommy dreams that his family takes on the physical characteristics of the figures in the mobile that hangs over his bed.
  • Didi takes Tommy to her workplace-the local high school, for a visual aid. But When Tommy gets free and roams around campus-he becomes friends with a rebellious biker.
  • All The Rugrats go to the beach and Chuckie brings the sea monkeys from his house.Chuckie and Tommy can't lift the cooler. So, they wait for the cooler to be empty and then bring it back and throw it ...more
  • Special:60 minutes long (or 2 30-minute parts, depending on where you watch it), this will be the Rugrats' second Christmas special, and the fourth special for the holiday season. In this special, ...more
  • Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops

    Spike's Babies/Chicken Pops

    Season 11 Episode 9: Spike's behavior gets a little bizarre when he secretly adopts a litter of kittens. / When Chuckie gets a case of the chicken pox, Angelica explains to the babies that he has "chicken pops" and is turning into a chicken.
  • Chuckie Versus the Potty/Together at Last

    Chuckie Versus the Potty/Together at Last

    Season 9 Episode 4: When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him.
  • Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint

    Ghost Story/Chuckie's Complaint

    Season 14 Episode 6: Stu and Didi are having a party and Angelica sets up camping grounds in the backyard for the babies./Chuckie -- with some help from Angelica -- writes a complaint letter to Reptar after he sees him steal cereal in the commercial.