The 15 Best Running Gags In The ‘Naruto’ Series, Ranked

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When some people think about Naruto, their first thought is about the amazing fight scenes. For others, it's the heartfelt and dramatic moments. The series excels in both of those areas, but it also shines in its humor. The funny Naruto lines and running jokes are part of what makes the series special.  

What are the best running gags in Naruto? That depends on your sense of humor. Maybe you find Kakashi's constant lateness amusing, or maybe you crack up at Might Guy's total inability to recognize Kisame. If you've seen a certain OVA, you might not be able to think about eggs without laughing.


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    Might Guy And His Eternal Rival

    Ever since they were kids, Might Guy has been challenging Kakashi to competitions. He calls him his eternal rival and demands that he race around town with him, do sit-ups, and participate in just about every other challenge he can think of. 

    Kakashi is reluctant to partake in these competitions - he's often too tired for it, and he doesn't really consider Guy his rival per se. But he still goes along with it for the sake of his enthusiastic friend. 

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    Kakashi’s Love For The 'Icha Icha' Novels

    Kakashi's favorite book isn't a training manual or a book of lateness excuses - it's the Icha Icha series, an adult romance series by Jiraiya. He can often be seen hunched over one of these books with an embarrassed and delighted look on his face.

    We're not sure his students need to see him reading that, but his reaction to the book is pretty funny anyway. 

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    Everything Is Too Troublesome For Shikamaru

    When Shikamaru is first introduced, he complains about having to do, well, everything. He's brilliant and capable, but he's also lazy as heck. To him, everything is too troublesome to bother with - even staying awake during training. 

    His laziness eases up a bit as he gets older and realizes he has to take his responsibilities more seriously. 

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    Yamato's Scary Face

    If Yamato is annoyed, he shows it with his terrifying facial expressions.

    It's a good way to keep Team 7 from being disobedient, but it's also just really funny to look at. 

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    Might Guy's Failure To Recognize Kisame

    You might think that a person with a fish-like face wearing Akatsuki clothes and wielding a giant spiked sword would be pretty recognizable, but not to Might Guy. Even though he's fought Kisame three times, he somehow doesn't recognize him when they meet.

    Kisame is understandably annoyed by this, which makes it even funnier. 

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    What’s Under Kakashi’s Mask?

    Throughout most of the series, Kakashi is seen wearing a mask that covers his nose and mouth. From characters to audience, everyone spends the series wanting to know what his face looks like.

    There's even a filler episode dedicated to Team 7's attempts to find out. In this episode, they imagine that he has enormous swollen lips, or massive buck teeth. Eventually, his real face is revealed - we won't say what's really under there. 

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