The 20 Best Running Gags In ‘One Piece’ We’ll Never Get Tired Of

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One Piece deals with some serious themes, but it's also an extremely funny show. Some of the things that makes it so hilarious are the running gags that crop up throughout the series.

Zoro's terminal inability to find his way around, Luffy's refusal to call anyone by their actual name, and Robin's morbid imagination are just a few examples of the ongoing jokes that are built into this wonderful series. Which ones make you laugh the hardest?


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    Luffy Has No Idea What's Going On

    Every time Luffy gets on a Den Den Mushi, he tells the person on the other line that he's Luffy and he's going to be the King of the Pirates. Introducing yourself might not sound like a joke, but he does it when trying to disguise his identity, or when the crew has agreed not to answer at all. 

    This brings us to another recurring gag - Luffy totally failing to absorb his crew's carefully laid plans, and just doing whatever the heck he wants anyway. Never change, Luffy!

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    Sanji’s Wanted Poster

    A wanted poster is a point of pride for a pirate. While Sanji's bounty matches up to his reputation, the pictures do not. The government couldn't get an actual photo of him, so they drew a hideous composite sketch that looked nothing like him. This earned Sanji the ire of Duval, a guy who actually did look like the drawing. Sanji ended up kicking Duval so hard that it totally rearranged his features, making him handsome.

    Eventually, the government got ahold of an actual photo, but they quickly realized he was a member of the Vinsmoke family - which meant that he was now wanted exclusively alive. 

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    Luffy And Usopp's Impressions

    Whenever Luffy and Usopp are together, the two of them will start doing impressions of their crewmates.

    These aren't especially flattering, which is why if the target happens to be around they're usually not amused - but the audience is! 

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    Zoro's Terrible Sense Of Direction

    Zoro might be a spectacular swordsman, but when it comes to directions, he's at a loss. If he goes off somewhere, you'd better hope he has someone with him, otherwise it'll be a long time before he finds his way back.

    Why does he get lost so easily? Who knows? But most of his brain power goes into his swordsmanship, so maybe he just doesn't have the mental capacity for it.

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    Robin's Morbid Fantasies

    Robin had a traumatic childhood. She's also a brilliant person with a ton of information at her disposal. Sometimes, these combine to make her seem pretty morbid.

    For example, one time she saw a tiny monkey. At first glance, she thought it was a guy covered in knives and blood. Hey, somebody has to bring a little darkness to the table. 

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    Luffy Gets Everyone's Name Wrong

    Don't expect Luffy to remember your name, because he isn't going to. Luffy doesn't see names as especially important, so he's constantly making up nicknames for the people he encounters. The only people who don't get nicknames are his crewmates, because he actually does know their names. 

    But it's only other people's names that don't matter to Luffy. His own name matters so much that when he entered the Dressrosa colosseum under a fake name, he couldn't stop himself from correcting Rebecca when she used it.