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The Best Russian Authors

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List of the best Russian authors of both nonfiction and fiction literature, along with some authors of poetry. Russian authors have contributed to almost all genres of literature, including children's literature, mysteries and science fiction. Famous authors like Vladimir Nabokov have given us classics such as Lolita and Leo Tolstoy with Anna Karenina.

Although Russia has gone through political turmoils and two world wars, the writers of the time were still able to produce classic novels that help with social conditions and soul-searching. This will pose the question of who was able to do these things and "who are some of the best Russian authors?"

The list can be voted on for who is the best Russian author as well as suggestions to be added to the list for those obscure, but still the best, authors.
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    Eduard Uspensky

    Shapoklyak, Gena the Crocodile

    BirthplaceYegoryevsk, Russia


    Eduard Nikolayevich Uspensky (Russian: Эдуард Николаевич Успенский; 22 December 1937 – 14 August 2018) was a Russian children's writer and poet, author of over 70 books, as well as a playwright,...  more
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    Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy

    The lame prince, The making of Russia

    BirthplacePugachyov, Russia

    NationalityRussian Empire, Soviet Union

    Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy (Russian: Алексе́й Никола́евич Толсто́й; 10 January 1883 [O.S. 29 December 1882] – 23 February 1945), nicknamed the Comrade Count, was a Russian and Soviet writer who...  more
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    Leonid Andreyev

    The Seven Who Were Hanged, He who gets slapped

    BirthplaceOryol, Russia


    Leonid Nikolaievich Andreyev (Russian: Леони́д Никола́евич Андре́ев, 21 August [O.S. 9 August] 1871 – 12 September 1919) was a Russian playwright, novelist and short-story writer, who is considered...  more
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    Afanasy Fet

    Poezii fără titlu

    BirthplaceMtsensk, Russia

    Afanasy Afanasyevich Fet (Russian: Афана́сий Афана́сьевич Фет, IPA: [ɐfɐˈnasʲɪj ɐfɐˈnasʲjɪvʲɪtɕ ˈfʲɛt] (listen)), later known as Shenshin (Russian: Шенши́н, IPA: [ʂɨnˈʂɨn] (listen); 5 December [O.S....  more
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    Nikolai(y) Nikolaevich Nosov (Russian: Николай Николаевич Носов, Ukrainian: Микола Миколайович Носов; 23 November [O.S. 10 November] 1908 in Kiev – 26 July 1976 in Moscow) was a Soviet children's...  more
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    Kir Bulychov

    Alisa Selezneva, Great Guslar

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia


    Kir Bulychev (Russian: Кир Булычёв; 18 October 1934 – 5 September 2003) was a pen name of Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko (И́горь Все́володович Може́йко), a Soviet Russian science fiction writer and...  more
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    Vitaly Bianki

    The fox and the mouse, Mourzouk

    BirthplaceSaint Petersburg, Russia

    Vitaly Valentinovich Bianki (Russian: Вита́лий Валенти́нович Биа́нки) (11 February 1894, St. Petersburg — 10 June 1959, Leningrad) — was a popular Russian children’s writer and a prolific author of...  more
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    Yevgeniy Yevtushenko

    I am Cuba, Stolen Apples

    BirthplaceZima, Russia

    NationalityUkraine, Russia

    Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko (Russian: Евгений Александрович Евтушенко; 18 July 1933 – 1 April 2017) was a Soviet and Russian poet. He was also a novelist, essayist, dramatist, screenwriter,...  more
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    Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

    Prince Serebrenni, History of the Russian State from Gostomysl to Timashev

    BirthplaceSaint Petersburg, Russia


    Count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, often referred to as A. K. Tolstoy (Russian: Алексе́й Константи́нович Толсто́й) (September 5 [O.S. August 24] 1817 – October 10 [O.S. September 28] 1875), was a...  more
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    Joseph Brodsky

    On Grief and Reason: Essays, Nativity Poems

    BirthplaceSaint Petersburg, Russia

    NationalityUnited States of America, Soviet Union

    Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky (; Russian: Ио́сиф Алекса́ндрович Бро́дский [ɪˈosʲɪf ɐlʲɪˈksandrəvʲɪtɕ ˈbrotskʲɪj] (listen); 24 May 1940 – 28 January 1996) was a Russian and American poet and...  more
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    Korney Chukovsky

    Doctor Aybolit, Monster Cockroach

    BirthplaceRussia, Saint Petersburg


    Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky (Russian: Корне́й Ива́нович Чуко́вский, IPA: [kɐrˈnʲej ɪˈvanəvʲɪtɕ tɕʊˈkofskʲɪj] (listen); 31 March NS 1882 – 28 October 1969) was one of the most popular children's poets...  more
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    Sergei Aksakov

    The Scarlet Flower, Un lycéen de Kazan

    BirthplaceUfa, Russia

    Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov (Russian: Серге́й Тимофе́евич Акса́ков) (October 1 [O.S. September 20] 1791—May 12 [O.S. April 30] 1859) was a 19th-century Russian literary figure remembered for his...  more
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    Boris Akunin

    The Turkish Gambit, Special Assignments: The Further Adventures of Erast Fandorin

    BirthplaceZestaponi, Georgia

    NationalityRussia, Soviet Union

    Boris Akunin (Russian: Борис Акунин) is the pen name of Grigori Chkhartishvili (Russian: Григорий Шалвович Чхартишвили; Georgian: გრიგორი ჩხარტიშვილი) (born 20 May 1956), a Russian writer of Georgian...  more
  • 39

    Ivan Yefremov

    Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale, The Heart of the Serpent

    BirthplaceGatchinsky District, Russia

    NationalityRussia, Soviet Union

    Ivan Antonovich (real patronymic Antipovich) Yefremov (Russian: Ива́н Анто́нович (Анти́пович) Ефре́мов; April 22, 1908 – October 5, 1972), last name sometimes spelled Efremov, was a Soviet...  more
  • 40
    Max Frei (Russian: Макс Фрай) is the pen name of Svetlana Yuryevna Martynchik (Russian: Светла́на Ю́рьевна Марты́нчик; Ukrainian: Світлана Юріївна Мартинчик) (born 1965 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR,...  more
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    BirthplaceNemyriv, Ukraine

    Not to be confused with Nikolai Vissarionovich Nekrasov.Nikolay Alexeyevich Nekrasov (Russian: Никола́й Алексе́евич Некра́сов, IPA: [nʲɪkɐˈlaj ɐlʲɪkˈsʲejɪvʲɪtɕ nʲɪˈkrasəf] (listen), 10 December [O.S....  more
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    Veniamin Kaverin

    The Two Captains, The open book

    BirthplacePskov, Russia

    Veniamin Alexandrovich Kaverin (Russian: Вениамин Александрович Каверин; real name – Вениамин Абелевич Зильбер, or Veniamin Abelevich Zilber)(April 19 [O.S. April 6] 1902, Pskov – May 2, 1989,...  more
  • 43

    Victor Pelevin

    Omon Ra, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia


    Victor Olegovich Pelevin (Russian: Ви́ктор Оле́гович Пеле́вин, IPA: [ˈvʲiktər ɐˈlʲɛɡəvʲɪtɕ pʲɪˈlʲevʲɪn], born 22 November 1962) is a Russian fiction writer, the author of novels Omon Ra, Chapayev and...  more
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    Yulian Semyonov

    TASS Is Authorized to Declare..., Seventeen Moments of Spring

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    NationalityRussia, Soviet Union

    Yulian Semyonovich Semyonov (Russian: Юлиа́н Семёнович Семёнов, Russian pronunciation: [jʉlʲɪˈan sʲeˈmʲɵnəvʲɪtɕ sʲeˈmʲɵnəf]), pen-name of Yulian Semyonovich Lyandres (Russian: Ля́ндрес) (October 8,...  more
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    H. L. Oldie

    Jesteress, Pentacle


    Henry Lion Oldie or H. L. Oldie (Russian: Генри Лайон Олди, Г. Л. Олди) is the pen name of Ukrainian science-fantasy fiction writers Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky. Both authors reside in...  more
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    Vayner brothers

    The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed (1979) Vertical Race (1983) Visit to Minotaur (1987) Entrance to the Labyrinth (1989)


    Brothers Arkady Vayner (1931-2005) and Georgy Vayner (1938-2009) were popular Soviet mystery fiction writers. Together they wrote some 150 books and 22 screenplays.

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    Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin

    It, Der weise Gründling

    BirthplaceTver, Russia

    Mikhail Yevgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin (Russian: Михаи́л Евгра́фович Салтыко́в-Щедри́н, IPA: [mʲɪxɐˈil jɪvˈɡrafəvʲɪtɕ səltɨˈkof ɕːɪˈdrʲin]; 27 January [O.S. 15 January] 1826 – 10 May [O.S. 28 April]...  more
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    Agniya Barto

    An Elephant and a Rope, Find a Person

    BirthplaceMoscow, Russia

    NationalitySoviet Union

    Agniya Lvovna Barto (Russian: А́гния Льво́вна Барто́, IPA: [ˈaɡnʲɪjə ˈlʲvovnə bɐrˈto] (listen); 17 February [O.S. 4 February] 1906 – 1 April 1981) was a Soviet poet and children's writer of Russian...  more
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    Mariam Petrosyan (Armenian: Մարիամ Պետրոսյան, born 10 August 1969) is an Armenian painter, cartoonist and Russian-language novelist. She is most well known as the author of the award-winning novel...  more