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The Greatest Russian Ballets

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Any ballet enthusiast knows that some of the greatest ballets in history originated in Russia. In fact, in the early 19th century, Russia opened up the theatres to anyone who could afford to buy a ticket, regardless of class. The wealthier attendants were provided with the best seating possible. This system allowed the majority of people to be able to attend any ballet performance, causing widespread popularity. Some of the best dancers in all of ballet are part of Russian ballet companies as well.

What are the best Russian ballets of all time? Some of the most famous ballets came from Russia, forever changing dancing techniques. The most respected ballet companies in the world have all used many Russian techniques and Russia has produced some of the most celebrated ballets and ballet performances in history.

This list features the best Russian ballets, ranked by voters and including, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliette, Cinderella, Giselle, La Bayadere, and Afternoon of a Faun.

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  • Le Mariage D'Aurore26

    Le Mariage D'Aurore

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Le Rossignol27

    Le Rossignol

    Igor Stravinsky
  • La Légende De Joseph28

    La Légende De Joseph

    Richard Strauss
  • La Princesse Enchantée29

    La Princesse Enchantée

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky