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The Tastiest Candy From Russia

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Believe it or not, some of the best candies, sweets, desserts, and treats come from Russia! Even when it was called the Soviet Union, people throughout Russia enjoyed a variety of sweets wherever and whenever they could find them. Since becoming the Commonwealth of Independent States, Russian people have found an even greater variety of candies and brands throughout the country.

Whether you're a self-proclaimed chocoholic, enjoy toffee-flavored candies or like sucking on fruit-flavored drops, some of the coolest candies and chocolates hail from Russia. Take famous Russian sweets like Zefir as an example. This soft confectionery is made with whipped fruit puree (usually berries) and mixed with eggs and sugar. Whether you're from Russia or have just visited, odds are you've had some of these treats while you were there. How many of these sweets have you tried?

Find your favorite candy below and vote it up to see which of these popular treats rises to the top! Is your favorite Russian candy missing? Add it to the list!

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    What is it? Chocolate candy bars that are proudly made in Russia, Alenka bars come in different flavors and are slightly smoother and lighter than traditional American chocolate.

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    What is it? Decadent slices of chocolate-covered marshmallow bits, Ptichye Moloko may not have been invented in Russia (it's actually a Polish sweet), but it's very popular there. It takes like a traditional marzipan sweet.

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    What is it? These praline wafer candies are coated with a chocolate glaze and were extremely popular in Soviet times. While not overly sweet, they make a great pocket candy. 

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    What is it? A traditional Russian pasty, rulets are typical pastry rolls that include a certain type of filling inside. While poppy seed is the most common, dozens of other types are equally as popular.

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    What is it? A tiny chocolate bar made with cocoa, cream, and crushed wafers, it includes a praline center and roasted kernels. It sort of resembles a Tootsie Roll, only it's more chocolatey.

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    What is it? These individually wrapped chocolate candies come with a whipped caramel center and include roasted sesame seeds for a little extra crunch. Sort of similar to a Milky Way bar, but arguably more flavorful.

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    What is it? A gingerbread candy that's been a Russian staple for decades. Hailing from the city of Tula, these candies are made to symbolize different symbols and patterns.

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    What is it? Delicious bite-sized chocolate candies that are packaged in cute, detailed wrappers. Mishka Kosolapy sweets come in a variety of flavors that are depicted in the artwork. 

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    What is it? This pocket toffee candy is made from creamy caramel and is a staple in Ukraine. These candies are typically sold in a pack consisting of different colors but all taste the same.

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    What is it? Individually wrapped caramel candies that are as chewy as they are sweet. Most Barbaris candies are sold in larger packs.

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    What is it? made from sugar and egg whites, Zefir is a popular Russian bite-sized confectionery candy that often comes in a variety of flavors. They're often made in both big and small batches and can include various flavors.

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    What is it? Bite-sized toffee-flavored candy with a soft and creamy center, Kis-Kis candies are typically much chewier than other types of toffee bars but usually aren't nearly as gummy or sticky.

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    What is it? These little hard bagel rings are typically sold in a larger pack and are made from wheat, flor, sugar, and eggs. Because they aren't very filling, they make a great everyday snack.

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    What is it? Pastila is a traditional type of fruit confectionery that's very popular in Russia. Usually sold in small squares of various fruit flavors, they're sort of like a bigger, fruitier Starburst.

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    What is it? While Smokva used to be a popular candy, it's becoming harder and harder to find. Made from apple puree, these little candies come in a handful of flavors, with the most popular being berry and cranberry. 

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    What is it? A hard candy with a sweet lemony flavor. Very similar to Jolly Ranchers, Vzletnaya candies come in large packs and are slightly more tart - but equally as sticky.

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    What is it? Sort of like a cross between a fruit bar and a slice of jerky, these Georgian snacks are packed with nutritious (and not-so-nutritious) ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. Great for fruit leather lovers.

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    What is it? These tiny snacks are made from unleavened dough and are deep-fried to crispy perfection. They're sometimes sold as is or with nuts and fruit added in. Great for crispy candy lovers.

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    What is it? Individually wrapped candy with a sweet and sugary coating, ingredients include milk whey, starch, vanillin flavor, and more. Perfect for chewy candy lovers.

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    What is it? These traditional Russian oatmeal cookies come in a variety of flavors (almond, hazelnut, milk, and more), and are a popular snack in Russia. They resemble British shortbread cookies.