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Russian films have always been considered captivating pieces of cinematic history, drawing on real-life events to produce fascinating movies. In the early days of Soviet filmmaking, many movies were creatively stifled, as directors and producers had to adhere to strict government rulings. Today, however, there are many cool, subversive Russian films that certainly push creative boundaries. Many of those awesome films can be seen on Hulu. 

On this list of Russian movies on Hulu, you’ll find psychological sci-fi suspense Solaris. You'll also see One Way Ticket, a film about a woman who is so grief-stricken by her daughter’s death that she breaks the laws of physics in order stop an accident. The documentary Pussy Riot: The Movement is also incredibly cool - it tells the story of the 11 members of the Pussy Riot protest group in Moscow as they perform unauthorized guerrilla performances under the watchful eye of Vladimir Putin in order to display their support for feminism, LGBT rights, and more. 

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