The Best Russian Short Stories

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Top works of Russian short fiction

List of the best short stories from Russian writers that exemplify the Romanticism, Silver Age and 20th century of Russian literature. Topics covered in these Russian short stories range from political ideologies to realism principles. Works on this list were written by short story Nobel Prize winner Ivan Bunin, as well as other renowned authors that may be more recognizable for the novels they produced during the time, like Vladimir Nabokov and F. Dostoyevsky.

This lists asks the question, “What is the best Russian short story?” with plenty of stories to choose from to cast your vote on. Authors such as Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol and Maxim Gorky appear on the list of the best Russian short stories. The stories listed are in no particular order until votes start coming in, then the most popular stories will be toward the top. If your favorite Russian short story is not on the list with these best titles, then add the title to the list so that others can vote, as well. The titles have the authors listed along with photographs of the authors.
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