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The Best Ryuk Quotes From Death Note

He's a terrifying sight to behold, but Ryuk is easily one of the best characters in Death Note. Do you have a favorite Ryuk quote? For this list we're going to rank the best Ryuk quotes in all of Death Note, with the help of your votes.

Some of Ryuk's best quotes in Death Note are his snippy remarks to Light: "I didn't choose you. Don't you see this is all just an accident. You actually thought you were chosen because you’re so smart or something? Don’t be so vain. It just happened to fall around here and you just happen to pick it up, and that’s all there is to it."

Ryuk also provides comedic relief throughout the series, especially when speaking about his love of apples: "For me, apples are like cigarettes and liquor for humans. If I'm deprived, I go into withdrawals."

Vote up your favorite quotes from this hilarious Shinigami, and feel free to add any if they aren't already here.