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All S-Class Heroes In One Punch Man Ranked Best to Worst

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List RulesS-Class heroes already have a rank in OPM, so think of this as a popularity contest!

Every One Punch Man's favorite S-class hero is Genos... right? Not necessarily! While Genos is deservedly popular, there are plenty of other top heroes that dedicate themselves to fighting villains.

Who are the best s-class heroes in One Punch Man? That depends on what kind of character piques your interest. Aside from Saitama's disciple Genos, there's Tatsumaki, a tiny angry psychic who is as powerful as she is arrogant; the deeply cynical and practically immortal Zombieman, the deeply bizarre Watchdog Man, and more. Vote up your favorites to let the world know who truly deserves the top spot.

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    Atomic Samurai

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    Kamikaze, also known as the Atomic Samurai, is a serious man who refuses to acknowledge those who he doesn't think are on his level - that's why he won't shake Saitama's hand. In keeping with his samurai aesthetic, he specializes in sword-based techniques.

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    Metal Bat

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    Metal Bat's real name is Bad, which should give you a good idea of what kind of persona he's trying to project. He's a brash guy wih a ton of attitude, but he has a soft spot for his little sister and his cat. When it comes to heroics, he fights with his trusty metal bat, which is strong enough to take out demon-class monsters with a single strike. He also possesses the unique ability to grow stronger as he takes more damage. 

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    Blast is the most mysterious S-class heroes in existence. He hasn't been active for a while, but he's considered one of the most powerful members of the organization - it's even rumored that the can shoot lasers from his eyes and command trillions of robots simultaneously. Nobody knows where he is, but some of the other heroes believe that he'll show up when he's truly needed.

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    Zombieman was created by Dr. Genus in an attempt to unlock the secrets of immortality. As a result, he's virtually indesctructable, with the ability to rapidly heal from hundreds of injuries that should be fatal in a space of minutes. Perhaps because of his strange relationship with mortality, he has trouble getting along with others. 

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