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Every S-Class Jutsu In Naruto, Ranked By Strength

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Many of the jutsu used in the world of Naruto are given rankings that indicate their difficulty and power. The strongest among them are the S Class Jutsu. These are usually only performed by a few individuals, and take enormous amounts of power to pull off. Many of them are also kinjutsu - techniques that have been forbidden because they're so dangerous. 

What are the best S-class jutsu in Naruto? There are plenty to choose from. One terrifying example is Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, which binds the soul of a deceased person to a living vessel. There's also Naruto's Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, which lets him send out wind-infused shuriken shaped Rasengans that can permanently sever someone else's chakra pathways.

Which of these S-class jutsu impress you the most? 

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    Dead Demon Consuming Seal

    The Uzumaki clan created the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, a sealing technique that summons a Shinigami and has it rip the soul out of a target's body. The summoner will ultimately meet the same fate, and both souls will be trapped inside the Shinigami for eternity unless released. Hiruzen uses this technique to seal Orochimaru's arms, but is unsuccessful at fully sealing him. Minato also uses this technique to seal the Nine Tails' Yin chakra inside of his own body. 

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    Tailed Beast Ball

    Tailed Beast Balls are balls of raw concentrated chakra that Tailed Beasts and transformed Jinchuriki can fire from their mouths. They're composed of an 8:2 ratio of positive black chakra and negative white chakra, and they're wildly destructive. 

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    One's Own Life Reincarnation

    Chiyo originally created One's Own Life Reincarnation in order to bring puppets to life, but it ended up having a different purpose. If used on a gravely wounded person, the user exchanges most of their chakra and is left completely drained. If used on someone who has already passed, the user must exchange their own soul for the deceased person's. This is what she does to bring Gaara back to life.  

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    Lightning Cutter

    Lightning Cutter is the name used to refer to Kakashi's specific brand of Chidori - it got the name because he used it to slice through lightning itself. It's even more powerful when Obito briefly lived inside his body, letting him apply the Six Paths Power and Kamui to create an attack strong enough to harm Kaguya Otsutsuki. 

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